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Walker Tower duplex, once part of a combo pad, sells alone for $24M

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The enormous condo was once part of an even bigger (and pricier) combo unit

The saga of one of Walker Tower’s leftover apartments has finally come to a close: CEO Steven Hafner is the official new owner of the ultra-lux 18th-floor duplex, which he picked up for $24 million, according to The Real Deal.

It has been a long and winding road for the massive condo, despite its marble-clad bathrooms, herringbone floors, and general proximity to Cameron Diaz. Back in 2014, Elliot Joseph, a principle at Property Markets Group, one of the building’s developers, bought up two separate 18th-floor apartments—a combined 6,975 square feet—with plans to sell them as a pair. "It’s a master of the universe apartment," he told the Journal at the time. But alas, there were no universal masters to be found, and the $44.5 million dollar listing sat on the market for a while.

Eventually, he split up the apartments. The smaller of the two sold for 10.41 million last September. Initially, Joseph planned to move into the larger unit himself, but ultimately decided against it. "I’m just a regular guy from Queens," he told The Real Deal, "and [the condo] doesn’t fit my lifestyle." In May, the Observer reported it had gone into contract.

The Chelsea four-bedroom won’t be Hafner’s only residence. He also owns a home in Norwalk, near Kayak’s Connecticut headquarters, and last year, bought a $9 million condo in South Beach.

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