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Silvercup Studios opens the South Bronx’s first film and TV studio

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The new facility, named Silvercup North, is the independent-owned company’s third location

The Queens-based independent film and production company Silvercup Studios has opened up its third facility in the Port Morris section of the South Bronx. Located at 295 Locust Avenue, Silvercup North encompasses 115,000 square feet of space and features four studios, 50-foot ceilings, on-site production offices, and all of the set building, storage, and prop space needed.

Governor Andrew Cuomo was on site to announce the $35 million studio complex’s completion and to do the honorary ribbon cutting. "Silvercup Studios is a great New York success story, whose growth and strength parallels everything going on in the Bronx right now," he stated. Governor Cuomo went on to add that the studio’s expansion will generate hundreds of well-paying jobs and millions of dollars in revenue to local businesses. Silvercup Studios CEO Alan Suna declared that the new space will allow for a more diverse range of production, beginning with "Time After Time," an upcoming ABC television series that is based on Kevin Williamson’s book of the same title.

While many New York State and city officials were present to celebrate the studio’s opening. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has expressed support for the project in the past, was not present. Some outlets are suggesting that it is because of an ongoing feud with Governor Cuomo, however, de Blasio spokesman Eric Phillips stated that the mayor was "busy fighting for the federal funding necessary to protect New York City from terrorism."

Silvercup Studios was opened by brothers Stuart and Alan Suna in 1983 in Long Island City. With the newest studio, the brand now operates more than 500,000 square feet of space and has 23 studios under its belt. It’s first two locations are both in Long Island City.