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Brooklyn Bridge Park’s temporary pop-up pool should stay

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A new survey and a rally show just how badly people want the pool to remain in place

The summer is winding down and with that comes the end of an era for Brooklyn Bridge Park’s seasonal pop-up pool on Pier 2. After a five-year agreement for the summertime attraction expires this year, the beloved pool is scheduled to be demolished after Labor Day, reports the NY Daily News. But a new study conducted by State Senator Daniel Squadron shows that almost no one wants to see the pool go.

Once removed, the area will house an even larger aquatic play space that can be converted into performance and seating space. But according to the survey, 80 percent of the respondents would rather see the pool become a permanent fixture than have the area converted into a water play area. Just 11 percent of those surveyed voted for the play area while another 9 percent voted for a lawn. "The results are clear—the pool has made a splash in Brooklyn Bridge Park. It should not dry up when the summer ends," Squadron said.

The study shows that the pop-up pool is drawing people into the neighborhood. According to its finding, 82 percent of those that come for a swim are traveling from other neighborhoods with 60 percent of them saying that it’s the only public pool they visit.

NYC Park officials have stated that if funding for a permanent pool were offered, they would welcome it and find a space somewhere in Brooklyn Bridge Park for the new pool. But, they believe leaving the temporary pop-up in place would be a waste of 3.4 acres of parkland during the ten months that the pool is not in use.

Meanwhile, Senator Squadron along with community members and the Love Our Pool: Families United for a Pool in Brooklyn Bridge Park group will hold a rally to save the pool (Think that name is explicit enough?) According to Brooklyn Heights Blog, the senator will unfold the full results of his survey in a report and also release a petition that is said to already have hundreds of signatures. The rally begins at noon and will take place next to the pool on the Pier 2 uplands.