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Jamaica development boom gets a boost from New York state

The neighborhood was awarded the money the the Governor's Downtown Revitalization Initiative

Looks like Wednesday was an especially busy day in the city for Governor Andrew Cuomo. After announcing the completion of the new Silvercup production facility in the South Bronx, Governor Cuomo made his way to Queens—specifically, Jamaica, which will receive a $10 million award from New York state that will go towards initiatives to kick-start economic development in the area (h/t NY Daily News).

About $300,000 of that money will be used to determine a plan (to be completed by early 2017) for transportation enhancement, housing projects, and job growth. Local officials will work with private planners to hash out the plan, reports Crain’s. "This is the beginning of a new chapter in Jamaica's economic success story and I look forward to seeing this vibrant core of Queens move forward," Cuomo stated.

Following a relentless push from the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, the neighborhood was rezoned in 2007 and was supposed to see several new residential and commercial developments, and even a shopping complex but several of those projects have been nixed or remain stalled.