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Seth Meyers snaps up Mary-Louise Parker’s former Village home for $7.5M

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The Late Night host and former SNL star is moving to a lovely Greenwich Village abode

Stars: they’re just like us, except when they’re buying and selling New York real estate. Back in 2013, actress and author Mary-Louise Parker sold her lovely Greenwich Village duplex, located near Washington Square Park, for $7.45 million. The buyer then turned around and tried to unload the place less than two years later, for a slightly increased price of $9 million. (Why the increase? Who knows—it didn’t change that much from 2013 to 2015.)

After almost a year on the market, it finally sold at the end of 2015, reportedly for less than $7 million; and now, city records that just became public show both the final sale price—actually $7.5 million, only a bit higher than what the sellers originally paid—and the buyer: none other than late-night host Seth Meyers and his wife, Alexi.

The 10-room duplex, has five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and a very precise 32 windows, according to the listing. The brokerbabble also refers to it as "a Hamptons house in the sky," thanks to its open, airy design; there are also gorgeous touches like a sturdy staircase connecting the two levels, beamed ceilings, and oak flooring. It looks like a very comfortable place for a family (the couple recently welcomed a new baby), and the close proximity to Washington Square Park probably doesn’t hurt.