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Prospect Heights triplex with gorgeous vintage details wants $9,750/month

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The wood detailing in this Prospect Heights house is well-preserved and beautiful

If you’ve got $9,750 per month burning a hole in your pocket, this utterly gorgeous Prospect Heights triplex—located within an equally beautiful townhouse on Sterling Place—might just be the apartment for you. (It’s the apartment for us, anyway, if we could afford it.…) The listing namechecks William H. Reynolds, best known for designing the long-gone Dreamland amusement park in Coney Island, as the architect, and much of his original details have been preserved.

There’s a lot of lovely woodwork throughout the house; per the listing, the "moldings, built-in cabinets, pocket doors, shutters, and inlaid floors" are all part of the original design. The rental comes full furnished, and the decor—modern, but not overwhelmingly so—fits in with the home’s stylish, vintage feel. There are three bathrooms and four bedrooms, along with a landscaped backyard.