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What’s the most beautiful street in New York City?

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Earlier this week, the good folks at Thrillist published a piece about the most beautiful streets in New York City, namechecking such pretty pathways as Convent Avenue in Harlem, Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights, and Minetta Lane in Greenwich Village. It’s a solid list, filled with plenty of worthy choices, but with thousands of streets throughout the five boroughs, we’re sure that there are some beautiful thoroughfares that didn’t make the cut.

So we’re curious what Curbed readers think: What would you say is the most beautiful street in New York City? With so many to choose from—quaint Belgian block-lined paths, picturesque alleys hidden just off of main drags, streets lined with gorgeous old homes—it may be hard to pick just one. But we’re sure you’ve got a favorite! Leave your picks in the comments, and be sure to include a photo, because we actually want to see what makes these blocks so beautiful.