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Seven-story condo will rise on a low-slung Carroll Gardens block

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The development will fill a vacant lot on President Street

Plans are in the works for a new seven-story condo building at 145 President Street, in Carroll Gardens. According to YIMBY, the project, led by developer Avery Hall Investments (which has a bunch of properties in the works in Brooklyn), will fill what’s now a vacant lot between Hicks and Henry Streets.

With 31,653 square feet of residential space, the light-colored brick building will house 17 units, averaging about 1,861 square feet, according to YIMBY. The building will also host a slew of amenities, including community space, a fitness center, private terraces, public terraces, and storage for condo residents. Also, lots of parking: the first-floor garage will have 16 parking spots, which, YIMBY points out, is seven more than what’s required by zoning code.

Last November, Avery Hall bought the property, plus two four-story apartment buildings on Union Street and a three-story townhouse nearby on President, for a combined $11 million. While it seems unlikely those buildings will survive the project, official demolition plans have not yet been filed.