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Empire Stores redevelopment passes a major milestone

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West Elm’s new corporate headquarters opens in the remade Dumbo warehouse

The restoration of Dumbo’s century-old Empire Stores warehouse has been ongoing since 2013 when developers Midtown Equities won a bid to redevelop the property into an office and retail building. Three years later—and only slightly behind schedule—that redevelopment is drawing to a close. On Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, West Elm celebrated the opening of its new corporate headquarters and 100th brick and mortar, making it the first tenant to officially open in the remade 19th-century coffee roasting facility and warehouse.

West Elm signed on for 135,000 square feet for its corporate headquarters, and an additional 14,595 square feet for its store. Other draws to the complex, designed by Studio V with S9 Architecture acting as the Architect of Record, will be a rooftop beer garden, and 60,000 square feet of shops and eateries. Wenner Media, which publishes magazines Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, and Men’s Journal is also allegedly eyeing a move to the remade warehouse.

Things are looking on-track to wrap up soon, judging by some photos snapped by Curbed Managing Editor Jess Dailey on a recent trip. Take a look:

Empire Stores

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