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Brooklyn Heights eyesore might get its long-awaited renovation

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The LPC has once again approved a restoration plan for the building at 100 Clark Street

They say history often repeats itself, and in the ongoing saga around the building that barely stands at 100 Clark Street in the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, no other words ring truer.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, the Landmarks Preservation Commission has just approved a reconstruction plan for the decrepit building that has been half-demolished since 2008. This isn’t the first time that the LPC has given the thumbs up for said project. Back in 2011, the LPC approved a plan for the building’s renovation, but the permit expired before the project ever got off the ground. This was after the building was deemed dangerous in 2008 by the Department of Buildings and underwent an emergency demolition before being halted midway by a lawsuit filed by then-owners.

This time around, the current owner, Newcastle Realty Services, plans to create rental units within the Greek Revival-style home once it is restored. The new plans also call for the installation of an elevator, a new mansard roof, front stoop, and a rooftop terrace. Wondering how they plan on pulling off both a mansard roof and rooftop terrace? The front portion of the building will be five stories tall, while the back will be just three-stories, where the terrace will rest atop. Tom van den Bout is the architect behind the restoration project. Let’s hope that this time the job will actually get done.