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Huge Murray Hill townhouse with basketball court returns for $9.25M

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The enormous house comes with several terraces, a media room, and a half-court basketball court

After a brief period off the market, the townhouse at 119 East 38th Street is back—and, somehow, asking more than its original sale price. The home first appeared in 2011 for an even $9 million, and has fluctuated ever since. It dropped to $8.6 million soon after, and then $8.3 million after that; then, the price went up to $8.75 million, and now, here we are with its current $9.25 million asking price.

According to the listing, the house is split in two parts: "a residential quadruplex with private entrance, plus a very large duplex office." The apartment has four bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen, a "media room" with an enormous retractable screen, and several terraces. It also has this:

It may not be the domed b-ball court atop one of the Centre Market Place townhouses, but this basketball court—"equipped with a professional electric hoop/backboard with height adjuster," per the listing"—is still pretty sweet, if you’re so inclined.

The office, meanwhile, spans 3,200 square feet and comes with its own outdoor space, along with a sun room. But if committing to an entire townhouse is just too much of a risk, the property is also for rent, according to the listing: The apartment is going for $28,000 per month, and the office for $18,000. Whether or not anyone will bite—for the sale or the rental—remains to be seen.