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Gawker founder Nick Denton's Soho pad is this close to being rented

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All the media entrepreneur needs is for a judge to sign off on the $12,500/month deal

Gawker Media founder Nick Denton’s legal sagas continue. According to the New York Post, Denton has found a tenant for his sleek Soho pad, which has been on the market for a few months now. But in order for them to move in, he needs a bankruptcy judge to approve the lease.

And the matter is urgent: without that rent, Denton—who filed for bankruptcy after he was deemed personally liable for $10 million of Hulk Hogan’s $140 million winnings against Gawker—says won’t be able to pay the mortgage and condo fees for the $4.2 million apartment. ($14,985.12 mortgage/$3,410.57 condo association payment, specifically, notes the Post.)

According to court papers filed Friday, Denton has a renter lined up at $12,500 a month (down from the $15,000 asking price back in May). But he’s still waiting for the court to sign off on the agreement. The original August 1 move-in date has already been pushed back once.