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On a quaint, hidden West Village street, a lovely duplex awaits

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The furnished two-bedroom apartment located on tiny Patchin Place wants $11,500/month

Apartments on New York’s tiny, hidden streets—places like Pomander Walk on the Upper East Side, or Love Lane in Brooklyn—rarely become available, which is what makes this listing so special. This duplex apartment, available for $11,500 per month, is located on one of those streets: Patchin Place, an itty-bitty gated pathway that’s hidden just off of West 10th Street.

There’s a lot of history on this little thoroughfare: It’s home to only 10 rowhomes, many of which were occupied at one time or another by writers, including e. e. cummings and John Reed (who, coincidentally, lived in the house that currently has a place for rent). The street is also home to one of the last working gas street lamps in Manhattan, which only adds to the charming quaintness of the place.

Alas, the apartment for rent isn’t as charming as the street it’s located on, but there is plenty of potential to make it into a snazzier place. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a decent amount of common space spread out over its 1,800 square feet, and it comes fully furnished. Another thing it comes with: bragging rights, for living on such a nifty piece of old New York.

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