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Construction begins on the future home of the LES’s Essex Street Market

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Construction is moving forward on site 2 of the megaproject

Essex Crossing is gearing up for construction on the 24-story tower that will rise on site 2 of the megaproject that’s currently under construction on the Lower East Side, photos posted by The Lo-Down, have revealed.

Set to be the largest of all the buildings being constructed at Essex Crossing, this tower will have close to 200 apartments, with about half of them being offered as affordable housing. The building will also be home to a 1,250 seat Regal movie theater, a new Essex Street Market, and be part of the massive 150,000-square-foot shopping complex at Essex Crossing known as the Market Line.

Construction activity at the site overall has been moving rapidly in recent months with the senior housing building at 175 Delancey Street having topped out, and work progressing on the 14-story tower at 242 Broome Street.