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Amtrak will swap its old Penn Station departure board for new, digital one

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Say goodbye to the old, outdated Amtrak board

It’s almost universally agreed that Penn Station is one of the worst places in New York, no thanks to the fact that much of what’s in the train station is old and outdated. But soon, one of those old, outdated things—the departure board on the Amtrak level—will be replaced. Reporter Jason Rabinowitz tweeted a photo of the display board, mid-transition to a new set of digital display screens (h/t Gothamist).

An Amtrak rep confirmed the switch to Gothamist, telling them that, "the idea is to improve the passenger experience through more dynamic, easier to read and strategically located information points throughout the concourse."

More details on what that will entail:

According to Amtrak, the new boards are intended to improve the flow of passengers through the station and make departure times more accessible to passengers with disabilities.

That’s definitely a good reason to make the change. But let’s be real: it’ll take more than switching out one old sign—which was actually one of the more quaint, charming things below ground—to make Penn Station less of a hell hole. Still, it’s something.

New York Penn Station

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