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Harlem studio asking $1,000/month is basically a real estate unicorn

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For just $1,000 per month, you get access to a private backyard and your own space

Rental properties in Manhattan that are asking $1,000 per month or less—that aren’t shares, mind you—come along so infrequently that sometimes we have to wonder if they actually exist at all. But lo and behold, one of these extremely rare apartments—a real estate unicorn, if you will—has popped up in Harlem.

The garden-level pad is, admittedly, pretty small; it’s a one-room studio with a separate kitchen and bathroom, though both of those appear to be of a relatively normal size. But aside from the price (only $1,000 per month!), the apartment has some nice things going for it: it has access to a backyard, which looks a little uninspiring in the listing photo, but is likely to be a boon during the warmer months. It’s also just a block from Morningside Park, and close to transit options. All in all, not bad. (Though we do have to wonder how jaded we’ve become when a studio asking $1,000/month seems like a really good deal.)