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Call for submissions: Curbed wants to see your tiny home!

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Find out how to have your tiny apartment (or house, or boat, or whathaveyou) featured during Curbed’s upcoming Micro Week

Pell Street Helen Zhang House Calls
A studio in Chinatown that measures less than 300 square feet
Max Touhey for Curbed

Here at Curbed, we like to bring you both extremes on the real estate spectrum: the biggest, most extravagant homes in the city, along with the tiniest of the tiny apartments. But it’s the latter that we’ll be celebrating during Curbed’s second Micro Week, coming up this fall. We’ll be celebrating all things tiny in New York City—streets, parks, public spaces, restaurants, and the like—but most importantly, we’ll be looking at the itty-bitty dwellings that New Yorkers call home.

And here’s where you come in, dear readers: Do you live in a micro-apartment? Have you cleverly configured your small space with a loft bed, or folding furniture? Do you have a horror story about micro-housing? Are you extremely proud of your stylish, tiny digs? We want to hear all about it if so! We’d especially love to see small homes for our House Calls tours.

Check out some of the best small spaces that Curbed has featured in its House Calls series below, and if you’d like to see your micro-apartment (or other type of tiny home!) featured, hit the tipline.

Max Touhey for Curbed

↑ Perhaps the most famous tiny apartment Curbed has featured in this 90-square-foot home in the West Village, which miraculously doesn’t seem all that small or cramped. Resident Mary Helen Rowell, whose rent at the time was only $775 per month, says "Everyone was laughing at the tiny box that was for rent," but perhaps she’s having the last laugh now.

Will Femia for Curbed

↑ Brian Stanlake looked at only four apartments over a four-year period in his preferred neighborhood of Chelsea before finding this 200-square-foot apartment. Making the move from a duplex to a studio—and a micro-studio, at that—wasn’t easy, though. "It's a bit like losing weight," he told Curbed. "The initial push is one thing, but it's the maintenance that can kill you."

Max Touhey for Curbed

↑ Publicist Helen Zhang turned a Chinatown studio into her own personal oasis, and found great comfort in paring down the items she needed to bring into her space, which measures less than 300 square feet.

Max Touhey for Curbed

↑ A micro-home doesn’t have to mean an apartment. Take, for example, Victoria Fine and Jon Vidar, who retrofitted a 200-square-foot sailboat to function as what’s essentially a floating tiny home. The vessel, named Scallywag, features many of the same comforts they had in their larger Manhattan apartment, but they’re no longer tied down to one place. "We are converts to the lifestyle," Fine told Curbed.