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The Beekman Hotel, now open, unveils its glorious atrium and guest rooms

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Thompson Hotels's The Beekman officially opened for business today

The opening of the Beekman Hotel is one of the year’s—or is it decade’s?—most anticipated New York City hotel unveilings. The soaring nine-story atrium of the gorgeous Temple Court has stunned since it was first built in the 1890’s, and it looks like Thompson Hotels’ overhaul of the landmarked structure will follow suit. Peeks into the hotel have been limited, yet accessible thanks to a cushy and very Instagram-friendly party in the atrium in June that entertained New York City’s cultural elite. It appears that limited scope changes today: the hotel is officially open, accepting reservations for tonight from upwards of $1,000.

Tribeca Citizen discovered that there’s been a flurry of Instagram activity at the site surrounding its opening, with new imagery showing off Top Chef star Tom Colicchio’s newest restaurant, Fowler and Wells, in the atrium, as well as the reception area and some of the classic ironwork that makes the building so special.

of the newly renovated 19th century hotel @thebeekmanny for @wmag

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of the @thebeekmanny, a new hotel, for @wmag.

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The Front Desk. @thebeekmanny #thebeekmanny

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Rugs on rugs on rugs @thebeekmanny #thebeekman #financialdistrict

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Slowly but surely #itscoming #fowlerandwells

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The official opening comes with some of the first images of the Beekman’s guest suites posted to the hotel's website, as well as rates for the rooms. They are, of course, not cheap: rates for a two-night stay in late October starts at $499/night and goes up from there. The rooms come in typical hotel denominations—deluxe, superior, queen, double—and have amenities like craft cocktail tables and marble bathrooms, some with sliding barn doors. Take a peek at the rooms below:

Architecture that comes to life in Game of Thrones

Temple Court

5 Beekman Street, Manhattan, NY 10038 (212) 658-1848 Visit Website

THE BEEKMAN - A Thompson Hotel

5 Beekman St, New York, NY 10038