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Two of Greenpoint Landing’s affordable housing buildings are complete

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The megadevelopment continues to make progress

Greenpoint Landing’s seven-story mixed-use building at 33 Eagle Street is now complete, reports YIMBY. The Handel Architects-designed building is part of the megadevelopment project, Greenpoint Landing, that will introduce ten new buildings and 5,000 apartments along the area’s waterfront. 33 Eagle Street will offer 98 affordable units with an average of 885 square feet each, though one of the units is being reserved for the building superintendent. The ground level contains 1,514 square feet of retail space (no word on potential tenants yet) with the remaining space being dedicated to the building’s amenities and residential units. As for those amenities, they will include a fitness center, bike storage, laundry room, and courtyard.

The 93-unit residential building at 21 Commercial Street was also recently completed. That building stands at six stories and will offer below-market rates for all of its units as well as 2,557 square feet of commercial space on its ground floor.

Once complete, the entire Greenpoint Landing development will cover more than 20 acres.