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Bushwick’s former Schlitz Brewery wraps up conversion into industrial offices

Tenants are yet to lease space in the five-story building however

Among the many former breweries in the city currently undergoing transformation, one such project has made quick progress. YIMBY recently got a tour inside the former Schlitz brewery at 95 Evergreen Avenue that’s just wrapped up its conversion into an office building.

The project came about after developers Hornig Capital Partners and Savanna purchased the building in January 2015 for $33.7 million. Tenants are yet to lease any part of the building, but the offices will be spread out over the second through the fifth floors. The third floor is the only one that still remains unfinished—the architects, Fogarty Finger told YIMBY it was so that potential tenants could get a sense what the building looked like before, and compare it to the present design.

The lobby has been fitted with tons of interesting design details including glass bottles, like those that would have been used by Schlitz, that are now being used as lights. There’s also a giant mural in the lobby that reads Schlitz, a throwback to the brewery that once occupied the space.

The developers are hoping that a coffee shop will occupy part of the area on the lobby level. There’s a terrace that can be shared between the tenants in the building or used by the tenants on the upper floors exclusively. And the roof came fitted with solar panels when the developers purchased the building, and seeing as the developers want LEED Silver certification, they have decided to keep them in place.

While this Brewery might have taken the office route, there are close to a dozen breweries across the city that are currently being converted into residences. Head on over to YIMBY to check out some great before and after shots of the conversion.