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Donald Trump’s campaign HQ in Trump Tower gets a massive rent hike

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The rent for his Trump Tower office has increased nearly four times as much since he started raising funds from donors

Looks like Donald Trump is a little more liberal with his spending these days now that it’s not all coming from his own pocket. A review of the Federal Election Commission filings conducted by the Huffington Post found that the Republican presidential nominee has raised the rent that his campaign pays for its Trump Tower headquarters from $35,458 a month back in March--when he was self-funding his presidential bid--to $169,758 a month in July, when he was raising funds from donors. FEC filings show that the rent began increasing at the Trump Tower office around the end of May.

Even though his campaign had fewer staff members on payroll in July than it did last year, that didn’t stop the rent from spiking almost four-fold. "If I was a donor, I’d want answers. If they don’t have any more staff, and they’re paying five times more?," stated an unnamed Republican National Committee member and Trump supporter. According to the Huffington Post, the campaign was paying 166 employees and consultants in May compared with just 139 in June, before increasing to 172 in July, though it’s unknown how many of those workers actually work in the building. Last year, when the campaign had 197 employees on payroll, the rent was a steady $35,458. Last autumn, only about a dozen of the campaign’s paid employees worked in the Manhattan office.

Campaign spokesman Steven Cheung stated, "We’re constantly adding new staff and in subsequent weeks after convention, we’ve done that," citing the need for the increased office space. The increased general election staff has yet to happen.

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