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Battery Park City condo is a 'fashionista's dream' for $4M

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The listing touts the "crown jewel of closets," which is allegedly the size of a studio apartment

The brokerbabble touts this three-bedroom, three-bathroom unit as a "fashionista’s dream," which probably has something to do with the enormous walk-in closet in the master bedroom. It has a ridiculous amount of space and … well, we'll let the brokerbabble do the talking again:

Encompassing a plethora of space, this studio apartment-sized, custom finished closet is a true walk-in wonder. Nine stainless steel, free floating steel mesh bins, six custom shoe racks that accommodates 24 pairs of Louboutins, Guccis, Jimmy Choos or Balenciagas, plus 44 feet of continuous bleached wood and brushed aluminum shelving will accommodate even the most discerning couturier.

So that explains the whole "crown jewel of closets" thing in the listing. (Perhaps a discerning buyer could take out all the closet accoutrements and turn it into a studio apartment! Or not.)

Aside from all that closet space, the apartment is surrounded with huge picture windows, and has an open-concept kitchen with quality appliances, marble-covered bathrooms, a home theater and a wraparound living room. There are two balconies with predictably lovely views, and the whole thing can be yours (or, well, someone's) for $3.995 million