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LaGuardia Airport to get $5M in improvements ahead of major overhaul

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The fixes, including repairing leaky ceilings, will help mitigate the effects of larger construction

Someday, a day far from now—a day in 2022, if we’re lucky—the general hellscape that is LaGuardia Airport will be transformed into "a soaring, light-filled haven." That obviously has not happened yet: while LaGuardia’s overhaul is underway, so far, the main effect has been crazy traffic congestion.

But the Wall Street Journal has some good news — $5 million of interim fixes are coming to Terminal B. By the end of the year, travelers should see new signage, better ventilation, freshly painted walls, better lighting, and improved restrooms in the terminal, the Journal reports.

Also, non-leaking ceilings. "Having leaky ceilings is completely unacceptable, and we’re going to do everything within our power to eliminate leaky ceilings," promised Stewart Steeves, chief executive of the consortium tasked with rebuilding La Guardia’s Central Terminal Building, also known as Terminal B. An admirable goal!

The idea is to keep the existing Terminal B ticking until it can be fully replaced with its new incarnation, currently slated to open to passengers in 2020.

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