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Times Square nods to racy past with X-shaped loungers

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Artist J. Mayer H. has debuted three pink loungers that let you look up while lying back in Times Square

Three pink X-shaped chairs have debuted in Times Square (h/t DNAinfo). The funky-looking loungers make up an installation entitled "XXX Times Square With Love" and were created from the mind of German artist and architect J. Mayer H., who drew inspiration from the "X-like intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue that forms Times Square" as well as from the area’s "racy past," reads the official press release.

The new street furniture, unveiled by public art program Times Square Arts, can be found at the pedestrian plaza between West 43th and 44th streets on Broadway. Each chair can seat four people comfortably, even allowing for them to lie back and experience Times Square from a different perspective. "In pedestrian plazas that can be overwhelming at times, XXX offers a clever and calming way to experience them that is new, while referencing the old," stated Times Square Alliance President Tim Tompkins. The chairs will remain at their new home indefinitely. Of course, a new hashtag, #TSqXXX, is already underway and unsurprisingly, people are sharing themselves having fun with the new installation all over social media.

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