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Swanky Long Island City rental, soon to have 85 apartments, tops out

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The mixed-use building will also have a Mercedes-Benz dealership

The structure is now officially complete for 37-14 36th Street, a 10-story, mixed-use building billing itself as a "harbinger of the new wave of residential development in this section of Queens"—by which the developers mean the eastern edge of Long Island City, close to the boundary between that neighborhood and Astoria.

Developed by Silver Star Motors, which owns the Mercedes-Benz dealership that previously occupied the property, the project was initially conceived as a pre-owned Mercedes showroom, but evolved to also include 85 upscale rental units, a mix of studios, one-bedrooms, two-bedrooms, and three-bedrooms. The dealership itself will be located on the first two floors.

The swanky apartments will "cater to the needs of young professionals, especially those working in the technology sector," Andrew Barrocas, CEO of MNS Real Estate, a leasing broker for the property, said in the release. Among the building’s many amenities: a gym, an outdoor barbecue area with a Zen yoga space (for multi-tasking?) a television lounge, laundry (in-unit, except for studios), and tons of parking. Some upper-floor residences will also have sprawling terraces, sometimes as big as the units themselves.

The building was developed in collaboration with architect Montroy Andersen DeMarco and 1 Oak Contracting.