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‘Scarface’ producer’s ritzy Park Avenue pad gets a price bump

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Hollywood bigwig Martin Bregman last listed the apartment for about $2 million less

Legendary producer Martin Bregman is letting go of his four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom co-op in an Emery Roth-designed Park Avenue building. It’s actually been on the market for a while now: It first listed in November for $9 million, then the price dropped to $7.9 million. After a brief period off the market, it returned recently with a much higher ask—close to $10 million, which is ambitious.

The pre-war apartment "mixes classical European style with a modern Manhattan sensibility"—make of that what you will—and offers an enormous living room, sunny eat-in kitchen, and 12-person formal "dining salon." For film buffs, though, the highlight might be the delightfully dignified study, which is decked out with a movie projector and a built-in wet bar. The corner apartment also includes a marble bath, multiple fireplaces, maids quarters, and a wine cooler.

A fun game: a press release notes that Bregman, who’s best known for his work on crime dramas like Scarface, Dog Day Afternoon, and Carlito’s Way, in fact filmed parts of his post-1993 movies in this very home. But which movies? Which scenes? This is something for us all to ponder.