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Downtown Brooklyn’s Alamo Drafthouse delays its opening

The theater has announced that it won’t be opening in August after all

The signs are plastered all over the subway announcing its August opening, but now the Alamo Drafthouse has divulged that they will not, in fact, be opening this month (h/t Reddit). Well, at least it’s not the first piece of false advertising New York City’s ever seen.

Citing unforeseen complications, the theater chain has indefinitely delayed the opening of its first New York City outpost in Downtown Brooklyn’s City Point development. "Getting a business open in New York is...complicated," a letter on the theater chain’s website reads. It looks like a more thorough explanation of why the grand opening is being pushed back, and to when, will have to wait.

Any explanation provided why the theater isn’t opening on time is speculation at this point. The theater received a conditional approval letter for its liquor license in late 2015, but the antiquated website for New York state’s Liquor Authority doesn’t appear to show that the venue, known for its food and beverage options, has been granted its full liquor license. It’s unclear whether this is the hold up. A representative for Alamo Drafthouse was not immediately available for comment.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Brooklyn

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