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Pier 55 completes first minuscule phase of construction

Nine of the necessary 550 piles are now in place, not much but it's a start

Despite three pending lawsuits and an injunction, the first phase of construction is complete at Hudson River Park’s Pier 55. The first nine piles of 550 that will support the pier have been driven in, helping the project "stay on track" for its 2019 completion (assuming things work out favorably with those lawsuits), reports DNAinfo. It's definitely not much in terms of progress, but given this project's messy path towards become a reality, it's better than having nothing at all.

The Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenburg-funded project received a temporary reprieve in July from the Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court, after a State Supreme Court judge ordered the project to stop construction until the full case was heard in September. Park opponents, City Club of New York, originally filed a suit in June 2015 alleging that the park didn’t undergo a thorough environmental impact study, before that case was dismissed by a Manhattan judge.

"We're thrilled to be taking the first steps in what will become a transformative public park for the community," stated Pier 55's project manager Celine Armstrong. "We look forward to continuing construction this fall and making Pier 55 a reality for all New Yorkers." In the event that the City Club of New York successfully gets a judge to stop the project completely, the nine piles would have to be removed.