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Greenwich Village pad with odd see-through bathroom is up for grabs again

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It’s back with the same weird glass bathroom, and the same asking price

Remember that apartment in the Silk Building on East 4th Street with the glass-encased bathroom, leaving no room for privacy to, um, do what nature compels us to? Well it’s back, still sporting that exposed bathroom and still looking for someone to rent it, quirky WC and all, for $8,000 a month.

The 1,200-square-foot one-bedroom loft is indeed an "extremely rare space," as its listing claims. Aside from that one-of-a-kind bathroom, the duplex apartment has nice (but far less shocking) amenities, including 11-foot high ceilings, seven huge windows with nearly panoramic views, and a working fireplace. The open kitchen is kitted out with appliances that are standard to fancy apartments these days—Miele, and the like. And just in case you can’t get past that bare-all bathroom, there’s another john with normal walls on the upper level.