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Napster founder nabs third Village townhouse for alleged megamansion

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Sean Parker may have just added yet another house on West 10th Street to his collection of NYC homes

The latest "celebrity" to hop on the megamansion bandwagon is tech entrepreneur/Napster founder/Lord of the Rings wedding-haver Sean Parker, who’s been slowly snapping up Greenwich Village townhouses as they become available on one of the city’s loveliest blocks.

According to the New York Post, he’s added another piece to that puzzle: 36 West 10th Street, which joins his earlier purchases at 38 and 40 West 10th, perhaps paving the way for one enormous Frankenhome.

Per the Post, the townhouse at 36 West 10th wasn’t even publicly on the market when Parker supposedly snatched it up; it was to be listed by Compass for around $22 million, after selling to an anonymous buyer in 2014 for $14 million.

Apparently it’s in the midst of being renovated, which could be a boon if Parker is, indeed, going the megamansion route. But he’d need to get the okay from the Landmarks Preservation Commission for any planned changes, and given his track record with his neighbors—there was that whole snow-dumping thing back in 2014—there could be an uphill battle there.

Megamansions are all the rage among the überwealthy these days, and the Village in particular has seen a proliferation of the ridiculous properties. Sarah Jessica Parker is (again, allegedly) assembling a huge home from two townhouses on West 11th Street, and an anonymous buyer may be doing the same thing a few blocks east. On nearby Jane Street, billionaire Jon Stryker is allegedly piecing together a 12,000-square-foot megamansion from an old garage and a former Steinway showroom; however, the LPC recently denied that proposal.