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Hint: this oddly shaped building still serves the same purpose

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Can you guess where this building stands?

Welcome back to Cornerspotter, Curbed's game in which you try to identify the location of a particular building or streetscape in a historic photograph from the Museum of the City of New York. Impress us and your fellow Curbed readers with your uncanny insight into New York City and its past!

In New York City, things change at a rapid clip—but this building, particularly its use, isn’t one of them. The structure pictured here in 1942 is still being used for the same purpose. But as is expected in New York, everything around it has changed. The building to its right no longer stands, and the building to its left has been significantly altered since the time this photograph was taken. Here’s a real hint: the neighborhood this building stands in is undergoing its own major transformation, one that’s caught the eye of developers and tech companies. So, can you name the intersection where this building stands? Leave your guesses in the comments and we’ll reveal the answer tomorrow.