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Inside Marc Jacobs’s ‘impeccably composed’ West Village townhouse

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Architectural Digest got a peek inside the designer’s lovely, classic townhouse

"I’m not big on having a particular concept or look." So sayeth legendary designer Marc Jacobs, who’s profiled in the September issue of Architectural Digest, which is devoted to the homes of stylish folks. The magazine toured Jacobs’s Greenwich Village townhouse, part of the Superior Ink complex on Bethune Street, and true to the designer’s words, there’s no theme or motif tying the space together. Instead, as Jacobs explains, "I just want to live with things I genuinely love."

Those things include bronze monkeys by François-Xavier Lalanne, an Albert Giacometti floor lamp, artwork by Ellsworth Kelly and Richard Prince (among others), black lacquer cabinets, and—most importantly—Jacobs’s bull terrier, Neville, who has nearly 200,000 Instagram followers in his own right.

Jacobs bought the new-build townhouse in 2009, and hired interior designer Thad Hayes to execute his vision. That vision, according to Jacobs, is "something smart, sharp, and comfortable," hence the lack of eccentric details or quirky touches. Instead, the townhouse has a classic feel, and is outfitted with lots of Art Deco furniture, opulent materials, and pieces from Jacobs’s collection of modern and contemporary art on the walls.

The house was originally intended for Jacobs and his former fiancé, Lorenzo Martone, but after their split Neville got the run of the place. Of course, sometimes his famous friends come to hang out—Jacobs told AD that "Now and then Sofia [Coppola] and I host what we call our ‘adult dinners,’ where we dress up and put out the good crystal and silver for a multicourse meal. That’s as fancy as it gets." Though it's unclear whether or not they dine under the portrait of Coppola that hangs in the home, pictured below.

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