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Village townhouse once owned by billionaire’s daughter wants $50K/month

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The Greenwich Village townhouse, formerly owned by Anna Soros Colombel, sold last fall for $20 million

It doesn’t appear that the townhouse at 10 West 10th Street is going to have an easier time on the rental market than it did when it was up for sale. The home, once owned by Anna Soros Colombel (the daughter of billionaire philanthropist George Soros), finally sold for $20 million in 2015 after first hitting the market in 2012 with a $30 million ask, and then lowering that to $25 million in 2014.

But the buyer for the home—shielded by an LLC by the name of 10 Greenwich Village (of course)—turned around and put the house on the rental market before the ink had even dried. After trying to rent it for $75,000 per month, the owners changed brokers and prices; it’s now being marketed by Sotheby’s and asking $50,000 per month.

For that price, a potential renter would get "old world charm [combined] with world class luxury," at least according to the brokerbabble. The five-story, seven-bedroom house covers more than 8,000 square feet (yes, there’s an elevator) and features such over-the-top amenities as a full-floor master suite, a "great room" with oversized windows, a sauna, and several wood-burning fireplaces. Now to see if it’ll move at this ever-so-slightly lower price.