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Watch an abandoned Rockaway building become a colorful piece of public art

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The peppermint-patterned installation at Fort Tilden will be around until November 30th

Back in July, MoMA PS1 teamed up with artist Katharina Grosse to launch "Rockaway!", an installation at Fort Tilden beach. For it, Grosse spray-painted an abandoned military building in vibrant shades of red, white, and magenta, covering the disused structure’s layers of graffiti, but leaving small traces of that art behind. Grosse drew her inspiration from the Rockaway sunset and though the aquatic building will be torn down later this year, revelers get to enjoy the building and its stark contrast against the natural setting that surrounds it.

In a video released earlier this week by MoMA PS1 (h/t Gothamist), Grosse illustrates her creative process and how she transformed the building into the installation. Labor Day weekend would be a perfect time to check it out, but it's open until November 30: