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Staten Island's huge observation wheel makes progress in St. George

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The enormous attraction will stand 630 feet tall when it’s eventually completed

Construction on what will become the world’s tallest Ferris wheel is moving along in Staten Island, and Untapped Cities got a chance to visit the construction site this week. Foundation work at the site got underway in June, but earlier this month it was revealed that the New York Wheel’s opening had been pushed to April 2018, from the previously scheduled opening in 2017.

Once complete, the $580 million Wheel will stand 630 feet tall, surpassing the current tallest wheel, the Singapore Flyer. While on their tour, Untapped Cities also got some new details on the New York Wheel project.

The designers at S9 Architecture described a "stiletto heel" foundation that will anchor the wheel deep into the bedrock. Additionally, a 950-car parking garage will be located across from the base of the attraction. That garage will come fitted with a six-acre green roof, a restaurant, a concert venue, and a playground.

The developers behind the project, which took quite the effort to get off the ground, are anticipating that it will attract 30,000 riders every day, and significantly increase the number of travelers on the Staten Island Ferry. We’ll see.

Work is also moving along on the massive Empire Outlet mall and hotel as can been in Untapped Cities’s photographs.