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‘Doomocracy’ is the haunted house of your electoral nightmares

The political haunted house will happen at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park

Forget zombies, ax murderers, and malevolent ghosts. This Halloween, artist Pedro Reyes is bringing the country’s collective nightmares to life with "Doomocracy," a political haunted house opening October 7 and running all the way to November 6—yes, that would be two days before Election Day.

Staged in Sunset Park’s Brooklyn Army Terminal, the project—commissioned by Creative Time, which the Observer notes has also worked with notables like Kara Walker and Duke Riley—promises to "hold a funhouse mirror to democracy," and oh, it is going to be terrifying.

As the project’s Kickstarter page explains, the "immersive installation" is a marriage of "two events haunting the American cultural imagination: Halloween and the nightmare that is the U.S. presidential election." Accordingly, "the horrors of our political landscape will be turned into a haunted house where visitors will navigate a maze of near apocalyptic torments, from climate change to pandemic gun violence and more.…" It will be just like a regular haunted house, except the unmitigated parade of horrors is all based in reality. Boo!

Tickets to the political "feargasm" are free, but the Observer points out that you can and should reserve them online well in advance—Creative Time’s most recent project had a waiting list of more that 40,000 hopefuls during its month-long run.

To truly show your support for the "camPAIN," the project’s Kickstarter is offering a whole bunch of rewards, from original artwork to event tickets to exclusive access to very special Halloween walk-through. So far, it’s only about a quarter of the way to its $80,000 goal.