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Astor Place's public plaza inches closer to completion with new seating

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And the Alamo Cube will return later this month

On Monday, Astor Place became a lot easier to navigate, as much of the construction equipment was taken down and more seating was unveiled. EV Grieve first spotted the new public plaza, which is part of a larger reconstruction that’s supposed to wrap this fall. The space is outfitted with tables, chairs and umbrellas designed by MTWTF Studio.

The reconstruction of the plaza, best known for the Alamo cube, began in 2013. The plan was to enlarge and revamp the space around the Alamo and the Astor Place subway stop, as well as widen the sidewalks near Cooper Square. New trees, plantings, seating, and lighting were also part of the proposal. The 8,000-square-foot "Village Plaza" was designed to "ease the jumbled intersection of Cooper Square, Fourth Avenue, the Bowery, and 5th Street," according to the city.

Construction was supposed to last two years but it’s dragged on a little longer than that. The much-beloved Alamo cube—which was removed from its home in 2014—is expected to return this month with a thorough cleaning and new coat of paint. Also to come are more trees, as well as a single food concession in the north and south plaza spaces. It should all be finished this fall.

If you’re interested in celebrating the reopening of the plaza, The Village Alliance Business Improvement District is holding the "Astor Alive! Festival" between September 15th and 17th "to celebrate the upcoming reopening of the new Astor Place." As per the Facebook invite, there will be a variety of performances that will focus on historical themes of Astor Place. And on September 15th, legendary East Village artist Jim Power will debut the restored mosaic light poles throughout Astor Place in honor of the festival.

Astor Place

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