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Swale’s floating ‘food forest’ docks at the Bronx’s Concrete Park

The barge will be stationed in the Bronx until August 20th before moving to Governor’s Island

The floating food forest, Swale, is officially here and it’s currently docked along the Bronx River at Concrete Park.

The barge, which serves as both an art installation and a public service, offers free and healthy food options like kale, artichoke, asparagus, berries, and more to the community. Additionally, the barge offers a seed-exchange program and a crowd-sourced recipe book that offers meal suggestions for the items produced on the boat.

According to Untapped Cities, its first choice docking station in the Bronx is the ideal platform for highlighting the disparity in access to healthy food options from other boroughs. Swale’s primary mission is to reinforce the concept of food being "a public service" and water a "human right," says its description.

Swale will be stationed at Concrete Park from now until August 20th before moving along to other sites in New York City like Governors Island and Brooklyn Bridge Park. Operating hours are from Wednesdays through Sundays from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.