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Renovated Red Hook townhouse with charming details wants $1.65M

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The 19th-century townhouse has gotten a thoughtful redo, with "bespoke" charm

Originally built in 1899, this Red Hook townhouse was last on the market back in 2012, when it sold for $1.2 million. Now it’s back for $1.65 million—an increase that's just about on par with the neighborhood's rise in popularity, along with the cachet of living in a townhouse in the neighborhood.

The renovated three-floor home boasts a total of eight rooms, including three airy bedrooms and two and a half baths. Each one has big windows and high ceilings with exposed beams, making the 1,667 square-foot home feel even more luxurious—or perhaps, as the brokerbabble flaunts, a "turnkey dream come true." That becomes more apparent when you take in the additional outdoor space, which includes a sleek private deck, terrace, and a small yet charming back garden.

One of the most interesting things about 82 Pioneer Street is the fact that, while it has been used as a single-family home, it’s technically a legal two-family space. So if you’ve been getting ideas after that Times piece about buying homes with friends, this could be a contender. The additional hidden amenities include a high-efficiency new boiler, a recirculating hot water system, and a split AC system for all floors, plus tons of storage space and a private parking space.