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New Yorkers take to Summer Streets for fun-filled Saturday

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Photos capture city dwellers in action as they enjoy seven-miles of car-free, activity-filled Manhattan streets

Citi Summer Streets is underway in New York City and from the looks of things, New Yorkers are having a blast. Cloudy weather couldn’t stop people from making their way to the event that has shut down nearly seven miles of Manhattan Streets (pretty much all of Park Avenue up until 72nd Street) to car traffic leaving nothing but road for folks to bike ride, skate, run, walk, cartwheel, or whatever else your heart desires to do. There’s organized activities, a make-shift beach, a 30-foot high zip line, a new 300-foot water slide, and a whole lot more to be enjoyed at Summer Streets.

If you’re feeling like you missed out on this awesome event, don’t fret. Summer Streets will make two more appearances in August on the 13th and the 20th (both Saturdays) from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. If this description wasn’t enough, these Instagram posts give proof that this is something worth checking out.

When your city brings sand to the streets, take advantage of it.

These ladies channel their inner Beyonce with a free workout/dance lesson.

I don't think you ready for that jelly. #summerstreets

A video posted by azor ahai (@crazy_kwasi) on

It’s not everyday that a huge water slide comes to Park Ave. so, why not?

New Yorkers get their fitness on with Crunch Gym.

This woman brings out her inner Olympian.

@scoutbassett racing herself #makeithere #teamciti #teamusa #citisummerstreets

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5 years of #summerstreets with camskis!

A photo posted by Nina Smith (@ninaargh) on

Yup, that’s a tiki bar in front of the United States Court House.

#tikibar in front of the courthouse? Nice! #summerstreets #staycation #Outofthehousebeforenoon

A photo posted by lorirosebenson (@lorirosebenson) on

These tikes show us how Saturdays should be spent.

#staycation #summer #summerinthecity #summerstreets #citylife #nyc #nyckids

A photo posted by Michelle Hoffmann (@greenmarketmom) on

Bring you pet along for the fun. They’ll enjoy it just as much as you do.

Neighborhood watch(dog). #swimming #summerstreets

A photo posted by Beau the Boston (@beautheboston) on