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MTA's new 'Operation Track Sweep' will introduce track-vacuuming trains

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The MTA announced the subway cleanup plan that includes of a cleaning blitz of all 469 stations in efforts to get subway trash under control

The MTA has announced a new (and much needed) cleaning program that will aim to "dramatically reduce" the amount of trash found on subway tracks. The multi-step plan has been named "Operation Track Sweep" and it’s already underway (h/t Gothamist).

The plan will operate in phases that in the end will present a viable solution to controlling subway trash. First, the MTA has rolled out a new cleaning schedule that increased the number of station track cleanings from 34 every two weeks to 94 every two weeks. Following this increase, phase two, scheduled to begin September 12th, will bring a two-week clean-up session involving more than 500 workers that will work to remove trash from all 469 of the system’s stations. Finally, the MTA will introduce three new vacuum trains along with portable track vacuum systems some time in 2017.

By eliminating the excessive amounts of trash that pollutes the system’s stations, the MTA hopes to reduce track fires, train delays, and offer an overall better riding experience for its customers.