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Where to nab an NYC apartment asking less than $100,000

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Yes, they do exist—provided you're willing to live in deep Brooklyn or the Bronx

New York is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis, with many people unable to even consider buying a home in the five boroughs. But there are indeed a number of houses New York City apartments available for less than $100,000. In March, NeighborhoodX (a veritable data reservoir regarding neighborhood stats) provided Curbed with a list of said affordable apartments, which weren't exactly fancy, but were decidedly affordable.

Three months later, the folks at NeighborhoodX have come out with an updated list for apartments selling for under $100K. Like last time, most of the apartments are located in the outer-outer-boroughs—this time, deep in the Bronx and Brooklyn. "These under-the-radar neighborhoods offer prices that are significantly below the lower end of the price ranges found in the more familiar neighborhoods," says NeighborhoodX co-founder Constantine Valhouli.

Buyer beware, of course: some of these apartments in income-restricted buildings, and many are rather far from transportation or a neighborhood center. But at these prices, that might not be so bad.

Check out a few of the apartments below:

↑ Located in Brooklyn’s East Flatbush, this studio apartment in a co-op building is asking just $99,000. While no one can really argue that the apartment is overvalued, it is nonetheless more than a mile away from the nearest subway station.

↑ With a king-sized bedroom, living room and a large kitchen, its hard to believe that this Bronxville one bedroom is asking for only $90,000. In terms of transportation, the neighborhood is both automobile and commuter friendly, with the apartment within minutes of both the Bronx and Pelham Parkway along with the 2/5 trains.

↑ Built in 1928, this recently renovated apartment features hardwood floors, large bedrooms and plenty of closets. For $62,291, you will be able to live in an two bedroom only a block from the 6 train. However, if you are moving with kids it is important to note that the local school district lags behind the rest of the city.