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Sail around NYC in a stunning vintage wooden yacht for $55,000/week

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The Mariner 3, once home to Harrison Ford, recently got an upgrade

In the dog days of summer, who doesn’t harbor fantasies about ditching the concrete jungle of New York City in favor of a few days spent drifting on a boat somewhere, a chilled piña colada in hand, with some smooth as heck tunes playing in the background? Well, for those who can shell out big bucks—like, $55,000 per week—the yacht rock cruise of your dreams can be a reality.

The Wall Street Journal profiled the Mariner 3, a vintage yacht that docks at Chelsea Piers in the summer and was recently the recipient of a lovely makeover. The vessel was built in 1926, but its owners spent around $750,000 on its upgrades—adding modern amenities like Wi-Fi and air conditioning, for one, and giving its original fixtures (brass portholes, a wooden dining room, and the like) a spiffy clean-up. Interior designer Mitchell Turnbough and captain Sean Kennedy collaborated on the redo.

Now, the 122-foot-long yacht, which can apparently sleep up to 10 people, rents for as much as $55,000 per week, or $10,000 for private events. It’s not a huge boat, but it’s got plenty of vintage charm—and Kennedy, whose family bought the Mariner 3 in 1979 for more than $1 million, says that "New Yorkers have told me the galley is larger than their studio apartment." (We’d believe it.)

Some other fun facts about the Mariner III: Harrison Ford lived on the vessel while filming The Mosquito Coast (that’s per the WSJ); Jimmy Buffett’s younger sister once served as a personal chef aboard the boat; and it was featured in the video for Glenn Frey’s 1985 hit "You Belong to the City" (unfortunately, we can’t embed the oh-so-’80s video, but you can check it out here).