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Inside Tim Gunn’s classic, antique-filled Upper West Side apartment

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The Project Runway shows off his Upper West Side apartment (and its lovely terrace)

Is anyone surprised that Tim Gunn—Project Runway’s affable fashion guru, popularizer of the phrase "make it work!", and arbiter of good taste—took on the task of decorating his own apartment? Many celebrities outsource the work of making their homes look as close to their own taste as possible; but not so for Gunn, who tells Traditional Home that he’s "a nester by nature. It feels amazing for me to be able to come home every night and close the front door."

The fashion legend is featured in the magazine’s September issue, showing off his lovely Upper West Side apartment. It’s filled with antiques, both from Gunn’s own family—one piece, a dollhouse-like Georgian heirloom that belonged to his mother—and from other sources, which gives the place a "timeless" look. "I love history, and objects with a story to tell," he told TH. A mostly neutral color palette complements the classic look.

While Gunn is responsible for the apartment’s interiors, he tasked landscape designer Antonio Parrotta with creating a verdant oasis on the pad’s 500-square-foot terrace. ("It’s just not what I’m used to," Gunn said.) The resulting outdoor space, inspired by Gunn’s trips to Rome, features a replica of a statue of Apollo, along with European-style seating and a "hand-forged table with a Carrara marble top" that seats six.