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Charting the progress of 3 of NYC's biggest new skyscrapers

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Catch up on the latest with 111 West 57th Street, 520 Park Avenue, and 53 West 53rd Street

53W53, formerly known as Tower Verre and informally as the MoMA Tower, is on the rise.

We’ve already been talking about them for years, but some of the city’s most notable new buildings have finally become more than just a hole in the ground. Construction site frequenter Tectonic has been traversing the city and charting the rise of these buildings. Here’s the latest on some of Manhattan’s most notable new towers.

The SHoP-designed tower rising at 111 West 57th Street.

YIMBY spotted this photo of 111 West 57th Street, the Billionaire’s Row contribution of SHoP Architects, Property Markets Group, and JDS Development Group. The tower will, in time, be one of New York City’s tallest at 1,428 feet and 82 stories, but as of now the superstructure stands at a mighty seven stories tall.

But it’s already made a notable contribution to the city’s skyline: the tallest freestanding construction crane in New York City, at 220 feet, is positioned at the site.

In March amid a slowdown in the luxury sales market, the tower’s developers announced that they’d be holding sales in the building until it hit 800 feet in height. That’s supposed to be sometime next year, but as of now there’s a long way to go.

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Surprise, surprise; 520 Park Avenue is yet another limestone-clad tower by Robert A.M. Stern.

Pictured here about a week ago, the 780-foot condo rising at 520 Park Avenue is beginning to look like the Robert A.M. Stern creation it is—a bunker for the .1 percent decked out in limestone. Construction on the opulent condo developed by the Zeckendorfs kicked off around the end of 2015, and has made some considerable progress towards its topping out at 54 stories.

Condos in the building hit the market in April 2015, when a 40th-floor duplex was listed for an eye-popping $70 million. There will be just 33 condos at 520 Park Avenue, including full-floor apartments, duplexes, and a rumored $130 million triplex penthouse.

Just two apartments in the building are currently listed on StreetEasy: a full-floor apartment asking $20.5 million, and another full-floor apartment on a higher floor asking $33.85 million.

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The Jean Nouvel-designed tower rising at 53 West 53rd Street already shows signs of its distinct cross-bracing.

Jean Nouvel’s incoming supertall condo at 53 West 53rd Street will stand 1,050 feet and 82 stories when it tops out sometime next year. The superstructure first poked above ground level in March, and now appears to stand at a mighty eight stories tall.

Condos at 53W53, formerly known as Tower Verre, hit the market in September 2015 bringing nine of the tower’s 139 apartments into the public’s view. At the time, the least pricey apartment was listed for $3.17 million and the most expensive wanted $50.9 million.

Not much has changed there. Condos listed on StreetEasy, of which there are currently 17, are asking between $3.15 million and $50.75 million.

The tower is expected to top out in 2018. Meanwhile, developer Hines is working on building the "One57 of assisted living facilities."

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111 W 57th St

111 West 57th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019

53 W 53rd St

53 West 53rd Street, Manhattan, NY 10019

520 Park Ave

520 Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10065