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Lower East Side’s art project celebrates its 100th mural

The 100 GATES Project has hit its goal with its final mural painting on the iconic Katz's Delicatessen

In the summer of 2014, the 100 GATES Project set out with a mission. It was simple--they wanted to connect artists with Lower East Side businesses through artworks. This was to be done by creating unique murals on roll-down security gates of 100 businesses that were willing to participate. Two summers later, the project has reached its goal and has painted the final mural, by artist L’Amour Supreme, on the gate of the iconic Katz's Delicatessen. To celebrate, the LES Partnership will host a public art walk on Thursday, September 15th through Sunday, September 18th. Art lovers can peruse the streets of the Lower East Side and admire the diverse murals brought about through the 100 GATES Project. As an added bonus, local bars and restaurants will offer beer specials from project sponsor Tiger Beer and other great deals from participating businesses.

We’ve rounded up a handful of our favorites from social media posts. As seen in some, New Yorkers are loving the artworks and can’t help but interact with them.

There’s also an interactive map shows you where you can see the various murals.