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Minimalist Gramercy 1BR with clever design tricks asks $779,000

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The loft-like apartment, situated over three levels, has some clever design tricks

Welcome back to The Six Digit Club, in which we take a look at a newish-to-market listing priced under $1 million, because nice things sometimes come in small packages. Send nominations to the tipline.

This Gramercy apartment, asking $779,000, is by no means large—alas, there’s no floorplan included with the listing—but it’s been reconfigured in such a clever way that we’re willing to look past that. The one-bedroom unit is split over three levels: a kitchen on the lower level, a living room on the second, and a bedroom (large enough to fit a queen-sized bed, per the listing) on the top. The whole place was renovated and has a minimalist, rather zen feeling, particularly the bedroom; it’s separated from the rest of the apartment by a translucent folding screen:

Nifty, right? Of course, that kind of hack probably won’t impress buyers who aren’t fans of the triplex-layout thing, but it’s a cool way to offer privacy in an otherwise open apartment. The co-op unit also has a wood-burning fireplace, high ceilings, and a California closet in the bedroom; the building itself has an inner courtyard, and is obviously pet-friendly, given the cat in the listings photos.