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Javits Center's $1B expansion is about to get underway

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The Request for Proposal process has officially moved forward

Governor Cuomo is moving forward with his $1 billion Jacob K. Javits Convention Center’s expansion plans and has announced that the "Request for Proposal (RFP)" process is officially underway. The RFPs will allow for construction work on the transformer yard to prep the site for the larger expansion. A new three-story building will rise that will house the behind-the-scene essentials—back-up generators, transformers, electrical equipment, and stuff of that nature.

Though these RFPs so far only cover the less exciting (but necessary) stuff like metal dock work, structural steel and whatnot, it’s the necessary first steps of what will be a massive undertaking of an expansion. Once expanded, the Jacob K. Javits Center will encompass a whopping 3.3 million square feet of space that will include a new 58,000-square-foot ballroom, 22,000 square feet of outdoor event space, and a truck garage with the capacity to store 20,000 trucks, getting them off neighborhood streets.

The expansion is expected to create 6,000 permanent jobs and generate an estimated $400 million in annual revenue. "Tourism is a key element in New York’s economy and with this revitalization, we will ensure the Javits Center will remain competitive with other convention centers and continue to attract top-flight-shows and conferences for years to come," declared Governor Cuomo.

Jacob Javits Convention Center

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