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Huge Donald Trump billboard will loom over Times Square

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The “Super Trump” ad compares the Republican presidential candidate to Superman

If you’re in Times Square sometime in the next few days, fair warning: you may end up staring square into the overly tanned face of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Not him personally, of course—the blowhard real estate developer-turned-unfathomable political force is the subject of a 55-foot digital billboard, paid for by the super PAC Committee to Restore America.

The billboard was the brainchild of conservative filmmaker Joel Gilbert, who told the New York Post that he was inspired by the Donald’s "stamina." He continued, "You see Trump traveling the country on his airplane. He’s looking to solve people’s problems … It’s giving power back to the people. Who is more American than Superman?" (Somewhere, the creators of the Man in Steel are probably rolling in their graves.)

The billboard cost $25,000 and will remain in Times Square until Saturday, at which point it’ll move on to Florida, a state where Trump is at least nominally performing better than his chief rival, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

This isn’t the first time that the 2016 presidential race has made its way onto New York’s billboards: Developer Aby Rosen erected a billboard urging Americans to "vote your conscience" on one of his construction sites, allegedly as a dig against Trump.

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