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MTA prohibits riders from using 'exploding' Samsung phones while riding

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The agency has issued a ban on faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices

The MTA has issued a ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in subway stations, trains, buses, and other agency properties deeming them unsafe, given their ability to explode or catch fire at any given moment, reports the NY Post.

The ban was issued on Tuesday, urging riders to power off their devices before entering the subway or bus and to refrain from charging the faulty device while riding. The smartphone has been recalled by the manufacturer after more than 70 devices burst into flames due to faulty lithium batteries. "Existing rules already prohibit bringing flammable or hazardous materials into our system. Apparently, this device qualifies as such," stated MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz. Recently, the FAA also advised passengers to avoid bringing the Android device on airplanes.

Despite the agency’s efforts to keep passengers safe, some riders are upset over the ban. "What happens in an emergency on the subway? It is really unreasonable to have people turn their phone off," declared one rider from New Jersey. Call us crazy, but we’re siding with the MTA on this one.